Nehal is a content creator who has lived in Egypt in The Middle East and the Netherlands. She writes for these regions now. Nehal is an experienced scriptwriter and has done scriptwriting for documentaries, short movies, and educational episodes.

Nehal earned her bachelor’s degree from the Faculty of Mass Communication, Cairo University. She also has a certificate in marketing strategy and is actively developing her content marketing skills. Nehal is also working on mastering the Dutch language.

When asked what she enjoys writing about, Nehal answered without any hesitation—history, music, arts, cinema, and societies. She believes that humans need to see phases of similarity that connect them. Cultural bridging is at the forefront of all her work, and she continuously seeks bonds and connections.

Besides being a writer and a United Nations Volunteer, Nehal hopes that her writing with PPE Needed would make a difference in the world and help others live better.
Traveling between different cultures, writing part-time for a few organizations, and being a full-time mother to a lovely young boy—Nehal is still a learner and a dreamer who tries to make every day special.

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