PPE Needed and UK Mask Force are in partnership

We live in very bizarre times, with most of the world fighting to combat coronavirus (COVID-19). The medical experts are frantically working around the clock to find the best way forward, particularly speeding up the development of a vaccine to put an end to this pandemic.

At significant personal risk to doctors, nurses, hospital cleaners, porters, and care home workers, they are doing their utmost to look after those who are stricken with coronavirus (COVID-19). These National Health Service (NHS) and care home workers are nothing short of brave. UK Mask Force, a charity organisation, has been formed to assist these heroes with the supply of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE), now so desperately needed. UK Mask Force has begun by providing face masks and sanitiser with the intention being to include other equipment gradually.

It is a challenge, but our partner UK Mask Force has unique features. It’s made up of a strong team of experts from various fields, volunteering their time and effort to make this successful effort. These areas of expertise are medical, legal, finance, logistics, procument, and PR. UK Mask Force sources all Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) using their on-ground people in China and, in some cases, closer to home, ensuring that the equipment supplied meets the highest standards, as set by the National Health Service (NHS). But importantly, they are in control of the funds. Ensuring the product from the factory floor goes directly to those with the greatest need. The money does not vanish into a National Health Service (NHS) pot with no proper trail.

The UK Mask Force team has ex-army officers, who are trained and skilled. They help bring discipline and control to the programme so all operations can run like clockwork. This is an essential factor as the speed of delivery is vital, and our praise goes out to the frontliners who are doing such a fantastic job while suffering from a continuous shortage of equipment.

This global pandemic is not over! Want to become a partner of PPE Needed? Check out our website (if you haven’t already) and send us an email.