Video games are loved all around the world. From a quick game to destress after work to a weekend tournament with friends, they can help with focus and hand-eye coordination – not to mention they are a passion for many. But did you know that gaming can also be beneficial for nonprofits? 

Aside from gaming-based nonprofits, videogames can be beneficial to all kinds of organizations. Gaming can be an easy way to build a community and gain funds to continue making a difference in the world. 

PPE Needed’s mission is far from accomplished. Coronavirus cases are rising every day at a nearly exponential rate. Personal protection equipment, such as N95 and face shields, are still not widely available everywhere and the shortage might even worsen

PPE Needed – A completely FREE platform to fight PPE shortage during the COVID-19 crisis

Hence the good news: we are excited to announce that PPE Needed is collaborating with Doctors of Gaming for a charity live streaming on Twitch!

Doctors of Gaming

Doctors of Gaming is a community of real doctors who are gamers. It all began in 2016 to allow physicians with a passion for video games to come together — to promote wellness among the medical community. Since then, it has grown and is even included in Feedspot’s top video gaming websites and blogs to follow in 2020.

While searching for a gaming community to collaborate with, PPE Needed came across Doctors of Gaming and immediately felt this would be a great fit. The two organizations are excited to put together their skills and missions to set up a fun, engaging fundraising live streaming event on Twitch.

Together with Doctors of Gaming, PPE Needed hopes to collect funds to help keep its free-to-use platform running for the coming months and continue the fight against PPE shortage during the coronavirus pandemic. And you will be able to enjoy a live stream of expert gamers having fun for a good cause!

The event will be free to watch on Twitch, and the audience will be able to donate for the cause throughout the live streaming. It will take place on 21st November 2020. Stay tuned to our website and social media channels for further updates.

What you should do to be involved in this charity live stream gaming event on Twitch?

If you’re interested in being part of this live stream gaming event, join our event page on Facebook.

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