Today, October 23th, 2020, the Dutch Prime Minister Mark Rutte appeared with Health Minister and so-called Coronaminister Hugo de Jonge in a press conference. The situation is getting worse every day – and is calling for a partial lockdown. 

The full press conference in Dutch

Among the new rules announced by the two ministers:

About the HORECA

  • Restaurants, bars, and other HORECA establishments will close. So will any catering sections of other businesses. Hotels may remain open. 
  • Restaurants and coffee shops may still serve take-out.
  • Alcoholic beverages and soft drugs may not be bought between 8 pm and 7 am. 

About Social Contact

  • There may be a maximum of 30 people in any indoor space. The only exception: churches, protests, and democratic bodies. 
  • Households may receive at most 3 guests per day. 
  • Group sports and competitions are no longer allowed for adults. 
  • Working from home remains the norm.
  • Events are banned. A few exceptions to this rule are food markets, cinemas and theaters, conferences, demonstrations, and professional sports matches.

About Retail

  • Shops will have to maintain a distance of 1,5 m at a minimum between people. 
  • A maximum number of shoppers will also be set, and the police will tighten rule enforcement. 

About Travel

  • Travel is still possible, although not to orange areas. 
  • When on vacation, it is advised to spend as much time as possible in your lodging location. 

About Face Masks

  • Face masks are now mandatory in enclosed public spaces as well as public transportation. 
  • Face masks are also mandatory in school whenever outside of class.

If some supermarkets get too crowded, they might undergo special closures as well. 

The government also came up with a road map, with guidelines to be followed according to risk levels. However, as Minister de Jonge pointed out, the measures may – and probably will – be harsher than those outlined. As of right now, the Netherlands sits at the highest level of infection. 

These measures will take effect on 14th October 2020, at 20:00, and will apply for the next four weeks (10th November 2020). They can be changed in the meantime and additional measures are possible regionally.

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