On 18th September 2020, the Dutch Prime Minister Rutte, together with Hugo de Jonge, held a press conference to talk about new health policies to front the coronavirus problem. 

The full press conference in Dutch

In the conference, which lasted just over an hour, he reminded the population that Covid-19 is rapidly increasing and starting to cause problems – especially in the Randstad (NDR: the area encompassing the four major Dutch cities). The reproduction rate of the virus in the Netherlands has risen to 1.4; if nothing changes, this could mean ten thousand daily cases in a few weeks. Some of the main culprits are workplaces and student living spaces.

The New Corona Rules (Maatregels)

New health safety rules were announced: 

  • Symptomatic children until the age of 13 do not need to be tested and are still allowed to go to school. They can still be tested if so desired. 
  • In the HORECA sector, no new guests are allowed after midnight, and any facility must be closed at 1 am.
  • Takeaway cannot sell alcohol after 1 am, and must close by 2 am.
  • Gatherings of more than fifty people are no longer allowed.  

Additional rules will be enforced regionally. 

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