A few days left before our big Twitch event – and Dr Steve James, the co-founder and president of Doctors of Gaming, has agreed to a brief chat to tell us from PPE Needed a bit more about himself.

Thank you for doing this! First of all, can you tell us a bit more about yourself?

Sure. My name is Dr. Steve James. I am a co-founder of Doctors of Gaming and serve as the president of the group. I founded it in 2016 with my wife, who is still peripherally involved, and also a big gamer! 

I am an Occupational and Environmental Medicine resident: I had switched out of Radiology to that specialty, and I’m enjoying it. And… I’m a big gamer. I play all consoles, PC… I don’t really have a preference for any particular platform. I’m also a big retro gamer, and play a lot of the old consoles as well!

Nice. Is there any kind of game that you prefer over others?

I have some favorite genres, but for the most part, I like all genres… Nearly all genres. Ones I tend to gravitate towards, though, probably the most often would be first person shooters and role playing games – especially Japanese role playing games, JRPGs.

Doctors of Gaming was originally created by Steve and his wife back in 2016.

Nice. So, why have you chosen to play Path of Exile for this event?

I chose Path of Exile because I have a lot of experience with it, I’ve logged a lot of hours. It’ll be an easy one to kind of talk through, and show the viewers, like, an initial run, like working towards maps, and — maps are the end game, in that game. Also, Path of Exile 2 is set to come out sometime in the very near future, so it could give viewers a look at what the franchise is all about.

That I heard. Are you excited for the release?

Oh, yeah.

Yeah! Um, are you —  have you live streamed before? Is that a thing you do often?

Not something I do often, but it is something I have done in the past.

Mm hmm. And so —  we talked a bit about your gamer experience. But I also wanted to ask you about your doctor experience, if that’s okay, and especially: how do you combine the two? Because I heard doctors are super busy, but you seem like you’re really into gaming. So, how do you find the time?

Sure. Um, your mileage will vary in terms of how busy you are, depending on your specialty area that you work, the specific job, etc. I am definitely very busy. So there’s that. There’s no question about that. But nonetheless, I’m in a field that is entirely outpatient. And outpatient hours are similar to business hours; a little longer, I might stay a bit longer. But for the most part, thankfully, what I — you know, for me, at least, I have evenings and weekends off. So therefore, typically, I’m able to fit in some gaming.

Now, I am also a father. So finding the time to game can be challenging. But some ways that I do get extra gaming in is like, on vacation, or other special occasions like that.

Mhm. Nice. And I know you work outpatient mostly, but has your experience as a resident changed with COVID?

Yeah, yes, definitely. You know, a lot of the cases that, and patients that I see, COVID is on the back of our minds, the majority of them. And that’s, that’s different than… so I graduated med school in 2016. So my experiences prior to COVID were more diverse in terms of the pathology that you would see. However, now, everything is COVID, COVID, COVID, COVID. So… in that respect, my experience has changed a lot.

Hmh. So why have you decided — on top of being a doctor, and on top of being the co-founder and president of Doctors of Gaming — why have you decided to partner up with PPE Needed for this event?

Yeah, so I was actually contacted by PPE Needed to see if we could collaborate on something. And I decided that was a worthwhile endeavor, because… being a doctor, and at times working on the front lines of COVID, I am very aware of the dearth or shortage of PPE. And so, for an organization looking to team up with us for a gaming-related event that also ties in getting PPE into the hands of people that need it… It seems like a pretty natural collaboration. And getting health care workers, the PPE that they need is something that I feel passionate about, so.

Live Stream Event Twitch
What you should do to be involved in this charity live stream gaming event on Twitch?

Tune in on November 21st, 2020, to watch Steve, Doc_Derp_MD and others from Doctors of Gaming play to raise funds to get healthcare workers much needed PPE! Want to donate, but can’t attend? You can do so on our GoFundMe page.