A week before the event, Derp (the gamer doctor using the Twitch handle Doc_Derp_MD) joined me for a short conversation. Let’s get to know one of the main players of the 21st November 2020 streaming event organized by PPE Needed and Doctors of Gaming.

Derp is a second-year radiology resident and lives in the New York area. He is thrilled to work together with our Netherlands team to help out in such a critical time of need.

He decided to join the event, he says, because he wants to do his part to help out. Working in the hospital, he has lived the transition into the COVID-19 pandemic first hand, and he knows “what it’s like to not know whether there will be enough PPE”. And access to PPE is needed now more than ever. As he explained, he has witnessed first hand the change of attitude the hospital has had to the use of PPE in order to protect its staff from COVID-19. Even when there are no patients around, now, “everyone has a mask on, all the time”, he explains. As he strives to always do his best for patients, there have been times in which he has worried about PPE availability—would there be enough for everybody?

When he saw that Doctors of Gaming was part of this event for such a good cause, he jumped on it. He had been speedgaming for years anyway, so he felt like he could contribute. He had taken up speed gaming after college, but he feels like he’s far from being a pro. “I have only live-streamed a couple of times,” Derp admitted during our conversation. The game he’s going to be playing at the event is an old crowd favorite: Donkey Kong Country 2, also famously known as DKC2. As Derp points out, “Every game that’s still being played 25 years after its release must have stood the test of time”. And that’s definitely the case for DKC2, that was first released 25 years ago, but it’s still played by millions of players worldwide. He used to play it as a kid as well, “It’s an occasion to relive some old memories,” he commented.

Donkey Kong Country 2

For Derp, gaming is more than just a way to relax on the weekends, and even as his work demanded more and more time, he didn’t quit. “Gaming is my hobby,” he said. “You have to make time for it.” And indeed, he has gained enough expertise in speedgaming to feel comfortable joining this event. Gaming, for this once, will be more than a hobby: it will be a contribution to access to PPE everywhere.

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