Gaming definitely eased hard times and played a massive role in connecting and entertaining people during the global lockdown. For some people, gaming has been the main source of social connection with friends and family or even total strangers — but that was not its only upside during corona times.

Far from it, in fact: unexpectedly, online gaming communities came together and supported the world health system and global PPE transactions. Big sums of donations are collected from streaming gamers using social media platforms: these donations are meant to support the health system and the medical staff working on COVID-19 treatments and procedures. With a gaming controller, a headset, a pc screen, and a gaming chair, the story of Facebook’s gaming community managed to prove how the world can be changed without even leaving one’s living room.

Facebook Gaming

The story actually began a couple of years before the pandemic, when Facebook provided a live streaming space for gamers to be connected and enjoy gaming –  Facebook Gaming. Thanks to this platform, whether you are hosting a tournament or simply a group live stream, you can have an entertaining gaming experience with your own friends. 

Gaming Console
Gaming controller

As it goes on Facebook, when you like something, you press the “like” button; and when you enjoy a gaming stream, you would support your favorite player with a donation. Although the gamers’ main goal was often fun and connection, they often received donations, too. During the COVID-19 pandemic, though, many of those donations were actually given away to support non-profit foundations and charity work — and the fundraising started to become more purposeful.

Gaming features such as tournaments were set up to support e-sports, help people keep connected, and build gaming communities. Just like that, Facebook’s role in connecting people grew – as exemplified by the Facebook charity live stream product that took place last March. The funds raised through this event were split between donations to the World Health Organization (WHO) and the launch of the Facebook Coronavirus Information Centre

Believe You Can Change the World

Gamers can now set a donation goal to support causes and organizations while you are enjoying a Facebook live stream. Viewers can simply donate through links given during the stream and in chat. These donations will then go to organizations chosen within the gamer’s region and for his/her desired charity goal. 

Last year, for example, on the tuesday after Thanksgiving,  Facebook Gaming organized the #ThisGivingTuesday event. On this occasion, Facebook pledged to match all donations made through a donation button on Facebook to nonprofit  foundations located in the US, up to $7 million. $10 million in donations were collected, and 100% of funds were directed to support people in need of medical help.

Together Against Coronavirus

“The chance to hook up with fellow gamers online, watch some great talent take part in live matches and raise money to help ease the burden on our heroic frontline healthcare workers felt like the perfect way to address lots of pressing issues at once, in a fun and social way.”

Greenlit Content’s CEO and Co-Founder John Benyamine

It seems that Facebook Gaming is following the same line of thought to ease the hard times of COVID-19.  Recently, it cooperated with Greenlit Content itself in the launch of the #PlayApartTogether tournament, which took place last April – exclusively on Facebook. The winners of this tournament could give away their donations to any desired charity supporting COVID-19 efforts. Throughout the event, participants competed in popular games such as Fortnite, Rocket League, NBA 2K20, and FIFA 20. The funds collected during the tournament were eventually donated to the United Nations’ COVID-19 Fundraiser.

Gaming on a smartphone

Recently other gaming platforms started cooperating for the first time with the Facebook Gaming creators team to support charities. PUBG Mobile, for example, started to give away Facebook Gaming branded virtual items on the game mobile application to Facebook Gaming stream viewers. The giveaway event period took place between September 25th and October 31st of this year, with the help of more than 1000 Facebook gaming creators globally.

PPE Needed’s Live Stream Charity Gaming Event on Twitch with Doctors of Gaming

Besides Facebook, Twitch is another platform that is popular for gamers and charity donation drives. PPE Needed and Doctors of Gaming are in partnership and are organizing a live streaming charity Gaming Event on Twitch.

Watch this live stream for free on 21st November 2020 and donate for the cause throughout the live streaming.

PPE Needed and Doctor of Gaming Charity Live Stream Gaming Event
What you should do to be involved in this charity live stream gaming event on Twitch?

If you’re interested in being part of this live stream gaming event, join our event page on Facebook.

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