You don’t have to be a doctor to support medical staff around the world. Millions of dollars given away in supporting public health during the COVID-19 era came from non-medical related individuals. A significant percentage of them only have a camera, a headset, and their favorite PC game to help with.

With a quick look at Twitch Tracker, it’s easy to notice how the numbers of viewers doubled from March 2020, when COVID-19 became a worldwide threat, until now. As everyone is keeping distance and staying safe, Twitch’s website for streaming and gaming has witnessed a sudden turnout rate into gaming competitions and streaming.

Concurrent Viewers Aggregated by Month

Streamers Tell Stories

People connect through storytelling. Sharing your story online may help in earning your audience’s support and engaging with others online. Specifically, in the gaming world, streaming is the number one tool currently used to connect with other gamers. Gamers may benefit twice from streaming online: it provides an interactive experience to have fun and raise awareness and help other people while gaming.

Twitch, together with the help of thousands of streamers and gamers, has already proven to be a valuable help in supporting organizations and charities. In 2017 alone, over $80 million were collected through the platform. Today, more than 12.000 players allow viewers to donate to various charities while watching their games.

Charity streaming during the Corona crisis

Moreover, in this challenging time of the Corona crisis, streamers who aren’t already a charity don’t raise as much money as charity gamers do. According to Donordive, charity streamers raise 150% more than those gamers who are not fundraising for an organization. Raising funds for charities also strengthens bonds with the community and enhances self-esteem as a significant gamer – it’s a win-win!

Motives Turn Into a Good Game

Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals recently noticed how a good game could lead to medical improvement. Jumping on this occasion, they included their Twitch broadcast on their fundraising page. Using Twitch’s Host Mode, they could live-stream video games on the page. This allows their audience to donate to good causes while enjoying their favorite game streamed by their favorite gamer. That’s not all there is to the Host Mode, either: any channel owner can use the Co-streaming feature, allowing them to host another live stream on your own channel and leading to strengthening connections within the gaming community.

Fortnite, a popular game during charity events

After the lockdown due to Corona measures, countries like Italy, France, and Spain witnessed higher activity on Twitch measured by 30-50% higher than usual. Twitch itself hosted a 12-hour charity stream giving away its donations to the COVID-19 Solidarity Response Fund for WHO organized by the UN. Games such as Uno and Fortnite attracted a massive turnout during the charity event. Well-known gamers and music creators like Drew Taggart, cole Swindellwere, Joe Jonas, Ellie Goulding, and Diplo also participated in the event.

Several sports athletes were also included as special guests to make hard moments feel good. Lando Norris, Aly Raisman, and Greg Norman all went live for a chat and some sharing in-between games during the 12-hours streaming event. Collaboration between music, sports, and gaming superstars did indeed make a difference in the world’s health situation during this difficult time.

PPE Needed’s Live Stream Charity Gaming Event on Twitch with Doctors of Gaming

Twitch is also hosting PPE Needed and Doctors of Gaming live streaming charity Gaming Event. Watch this live stream for free on 21st November 2020 and donate to support PPE availability for our frontliners.

PPE Needed and Doctor of Gaming Charity Live Stream Gaming Event
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