Would You Like to Join Our Team?

Volunteers are always welcomed!
Whether you have spare time or just want to help the initiative for a few weeks with your skills, PPE Needed always welcomes new minds and fresh perspectives.
How else can we call ourselves a grassroots initiative?

At this moment, we are working towards being more sustainable for the longer term. So we are looking for experienced volunteers in:

Don’t have these skills? Not to worry! We have many other opportunities. Drop us an email, and we’ll find the right fit for you.

Some Friendly Faces from PPE Needed — Rachid Kbiri (top left), Dunya Ressang (top right) & Fernanda (bottom right)

What Does Our Team Look Like?

Rachid and I (Dunya) are Co-Founders of PPE Needed. We have been working on PPE Needed since April 2020 with great enthusiasm. We soon decided it was time to expand the team. Fernanda was our first and longest official PPE Needed Volunteer. Fernanda (bottom right corner) is a Business Developer from Brazil. A country hit hard by the corona surge. Fernanda is passionate about helping Brazil get on the PPE Needed map and has been a great help and is a key member of our team.

Fast forward to Oct 2020 and we have a grand total of 14 volunteers working on PPE Needed. We have daily contact and often meet through video calls to get the job done. We don’t have ‘one’ leader; we help one another and discuss as a team what our next steps should be. We get things done!

… And everybody gets great work experience for their resume, of course! 

Even though we cannot compensate for the efforts financially yet, we hope to welcome new volunteers who want to make a difference in the world.

Do you enjoy working in a small and young team?

Are you passionate to do something about the Corona crisis?

Do you have 1-2 days free a week or 1-2 hours daily to spare working on a good cause?

Do you want to share our mission as an equal member?

Let’s get in contact!

You can send us a mail at: hello@ppeneeded.com.

Let’s work together!