Match PPE Supply & Demand Globally

Use our platform to get an overview of supply and demand. Get in touch with suppliers and those who need PPE.

Our main goals are to create an overview of the global PPE shortage during the Covid-19 Crisis and to locally enable matching of supply and shortages of PPE during this crisis.

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Partnerships are essential

Collectively we can be of greater value to people in need. We are working together to accomplish the following goals:

  • Development power: to create a simple & smart platform
  • Data exchange: More data means together we can help more people
  • Marketing: Spreading the word to the people who need this platform the most
  • Business growth: Taking the right steps forward
  • Information: providing our database with quality PPE information

Meet the faces behind PPE Needed

PPE Needed Rachid Kbiri

Rachid Kbiri


Rachid is a Digital Strategist with a passion for innovation and technology.

PPE Needed Volunteer Fernanda

Fernanda Tourinho Santos

Business Developer

Fernanda is a Business Developer passionate about fostering sustainable businesses and sustainability in businesses

PPE Needed Volunteer Frankie

Francesca “Frankie” Prina

Content Creator

Francesca “Frankie” Prina is a social scientist with a knack for content writing. She is committed to making the world a more equitable place, one step at a time.


Gabrielle Ponce

Social Media Specialist

Gaby has 5+ years of experience with documented success in campaign & content creation, creative direction, online advertising and social media within the food & travel sector.

PPE Needed Dunya Ressang

Dunya Ressang


Dunya is Co-Founder of PPE Needed and founder of the Millennial Journey. Her entrepreneurial spirit drives her to make real changes to our way of working.


Mick Vink

Business Consultant

Mick is a Business Consultant passionate about creating and fostering a creative work environment in which creative thinking and innovation are maximally stimulated, to be able to fulfill clients’ needs optimally.

PPE Needed Volunteer Haifa

Haifa'a Harun

Medical consultant & Lead developer Afrika/Middle East

She worked with different projects related to humanitarian and development which focused on managing several health projects, related to reproductive health, nutrition, food security and more.

PPE Needed Omar Kbiri

Omar Kbiri

Progenitor, Consultant

Omar is the Progenitor and current Consultant for PPE Needed. He is also the CEO and Founder of Maak, with love for Marketing, Design and PR.

PPE Needed Volunteer Arpit

Arpit Shukla

Business Developer

Arpit Shukla is a Business Developer, with a passion for sports and travel. Currently working towards helping people in these difficult times.

Barni PPE Needed Volunteer

Barni Rajah

SEO Specialist

Barni is a T-shaped Digital Marketer focusing on SEO. As PPE Needed’s SEO Specialist, her primary goal is to build awareness and grow PPE Needed’s organic traffic.

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